Behavioral Health Department

Our staff welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your concerns and struggles. We are licensed clinicians available to provide assessment and counseling for a wide range of mental health issues.

The comprehensive Behavioral Health Department addresses the physical as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the Indian Community. Conseling is designed to help individuals, couples, and families talk about troubling personal problems in a safe comforting atmosphere. Confidentiality is strictly adhered to.

Services Offered

  • Individual, family and relationship counseling
  • Integrated Behavioral Health Services
  • Information and referrals to support groups, social service organizations and other resources of support
  • Counseling for family members affected by substance abuse and other mental health concerns
  • Counseling for clients with chronic illnesses
  • Presentations to groups on mental health issues
  • Resource information to inpatient or outpatient treatment facilities
  • Referral for psychological evaluations
  • Problem Gambling Counseling
  • Gambling Addiction Services

Methamphetamine Suicide Prevention Initiative (MSPI)

Running Wild   

The Methamphetamine and Suicide Prevention Initiative (MSPI) grant gives NTHS the opportunity to provide the Running Wild program.  The mission of this program is to challenge at-risk youth within the community to experience the benefits of goal-setting, character development, adult mentoring, and improved health by providing a life changing experience through training and completion of either a 10K or a half-marathon.  This program has also been able to build working relationships among many community partners to all work towards the same goals for the youth of Ottawa County.