Patient Services Department

The Patient Services Department is comprised of the Patient Registration/Scheduling Clerks, Insurance Coordinator, Patient Benefits Coordinator and the Patient Services Supervisor.

The Patient Registration/Scheduling Clerks are the initial point of entry every time a patient presents for services and is the first impression of our facility during the patient’s initial interview. The patient registration/scheduling clerks are responsible for obtaining and updating eligibility and demographic information for new and active patients while checking patients in for their appointments and scheduling all medical appointments for patients.  If you have questions, regarding eligibility documentation required to establish or reopen a chart at Northeastern Tribal Health System or would like to schedule an appointment with a medical provider, please contact Patient Services at 918-332-4478.

The Insurance Coordinator is responsible for verifying and entering all private insurance for NTHS patients.  If you have changes to your private insurance information, please contact the Insurance Coordinator at 918-332-4349

The Patient Benefits Coordinator acts as an advocate/liaison for patients to identify alternate resources for which the patient may be eligible therefore enhancing the level of services to the beneficiaries. The Patient Benefits Coordinator can assist with applications or supply information on programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration, Affordable Care Act/Health Insurance Marketplace, along with various tribal programs that may be available.  If you would like information or have questions about alternate resources please contact the Patient Benefits Coordinator at 918-332-4345

The Patient Services Supervisor supervises the Patient Services Department.  If you have questions about eligibility for any services that are available to you and/or your family or medical appointment scheduling  please contact the Patient Services Supervisor at 918-332-4360.